BelAir Networks targets management, streamlining of small cell metropolitan picocell networks

Oct. 18, 2010
The newly launched BelView 6 NMS delivers real-time BI, automated provisioning, and scalability to 50,000 base stations.

4G World 2010
SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2010

CHICAGO & NEW ORLEANS -- A specialist in the deployment of large service provider Wi-Fi networks, BelAir Networks is also a developer of outdoor metropolitan picocells, including the BelAir100SP Strand Picocell. And, to address the challenges of managing and operating large-scale small cell networks, BelAir has now introduced the latest generation of its BelView 6 Network Management System (NMS), along with TR-069 support on the entire BelAir Networks portfolio of indoor access points and outdoor picocell base stations.

Cable operators and mobile carriers are deploying large-scale and multi-location Wi-Fi networks to address the phenomenal growth in Wi-Fi enabled devices and consumer demand for ubiquitous broadband mobility. The small cell architecture of these deployments is increasingly being adopted in the licensed band space resulting in 3G and 4G base stations known as outdoor metropolitan picocells.

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As industry analyst In-Stat explains in its July 2010 Worldwide Femto, Pico, and Microcell Market Analysis: “Metropolitan picocells are not a new concept, as many such nodes were deployed in Wi-Fi networks. This type of solution is excellent in dense areas where there are many closely-spaced subscribers.”

TR-069, or Technical Report 069, refers to the Broadband Forum’s technical specification known as CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP), which defines an application layer protocol for remote device management. TR-069 support on BelAir Networks products enables integration with 3rd party device management systems already deployed by major carriers. Among cable operators, TR-069 is also emerging as a standard protocol for device management.

Combining a client-server-data collector architecture with secure web-based access, the company says its BelView 6 delivers the feature richness and scalability of traditional client-server management models, with the ease-of-use of web-based systems. BelView 6 features, according to the company, include:

-- Real-time Business Intelligence: Web-based monitoring and dashboard tools provide real-time network statistics to remote devices including iPhone TM and Android-based Smartphones.

-- Scalability: The number of base stations supported in a single network, both for monitoring and provisioning, increases from 25,000 to 50,000.

-- Provisioning: BelView 6 makes it faster and easier to operationalize and modify the network. Changes (such as channel allocation or new SSID activation) can be automatically activated on individual base stations, groups or the entire network.

“With data capacity requirements increasing exponentially, small cells, deployed using Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE – or a combination of these – are key to delivering a true mobile broadband experience. But, to ensure cost effective deployment, operation and expansion, these small cell networks must be easy for operators to provision, monitor and integrate with their existing network, back office and management systems,” said Stephen Rayment, Chief Technology Officer, BelAir Networks.

He added, “With BelView 6 and TR-069 support, BelAir Networks addresses the management, operation and integration challenges inherent in large-scale small cell networks.”

BelView 6 and TR-069 enabled access points and picocells, including the BelAir100SP, will be featured in booth # 623 at 4G World 2010, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL and in booth # 951 at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA. For more information, visit

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