Seminar showcases low-bandwidth surveillance systems

Wireless mesh is the enabling technology, as this seminar from Fluidmesh and Mobotix explains.

A one-hour online seminar hosted jointly by Fluidmesh Networks and Mobotix will provide fundamental information on how to design a decentralized wireless video surveillance system. Taking place Tuesday, July 20 from 11 am to 12 noon Eastern Time, the seminar will be delivered by Fluidmesh VP of sales Cosimo Malesci and Mobotix global marketing director Pete McKee.

"Usually cameras only supply the images while the processing and recording is done later on a central PC using video management software," the comapnies said in a release announcing the seminar. "This traditional centralized structure is unsuitable for high-resolution video systems, since it requires not only high network bandwidth, but also needs enormous PC processing power to support several cameras.

"Unlike other systems, the decentralized Mobotix concept incorporates a high-speed computer and, if necessary, a digital memory card for long-term recording in every camera. The PC is now used only for viewing, not for analysis or recording."

This decentralized approach, the companies say, when combined with Fluidmesh's wireless technology, provides a solution that provides flexibility and reliability along with cost savings. We'll all have to tune into the seminar to find out more details.

You can register for the seminar here.

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