ADRF Unveils New Fiber-to-the-Edge ADXV LPR Wireless Solution

May 23, 2024
ADRF’s latest wireless innovation is a cost-effective solution for mobile carriers and enterprises looking to resolve coverage gaps.

ADRF recently announced its new fiber-to-the-edge (FTTX) low power remote (LPR) unit for the ADXV at the Connect (X) 2024 even in Atlanta, Georgia. With its end-to-end radio frequency (RF) transport being solely over fiber from the signal source to the antenna, it combines flexibility, performance, and a low total cost of ownership by ridding the need of installing and testing coaxial cables that are needed by traditional DAS remote units.

The AXV LPR can work with RF bands from 617 to 3980 MHz on a single hardware layer regardless of protocol or modulation. Through advanced power control capabilities and IP 66-rated chassis, it has the flexibility to work with almost any indoor or outdoor network architecture.

“The ADXV LPR is the ideal solution for mobile carriers and enterprises to address coverage gaps in large multi-sector deployments, whether that is during the network design phase or post-installation,” said Sun Kim, director of engineering at ADRF. “Not only does end-to-end fiber connection provide optimal system performance and reduced labor and component costs, but our power control technology ensures the LPR can be adjusted to meet the power needs of any sector and avoid interference with the rest of the network.”

Downlink composite output power features of the product include 17dBm of downlink composite output power for 600 MHz, 700 MHz (Commercial), and Cellular + SMR800, 20dBm of downlink composite output power for PCS, AWS, WCS, and BRS, and 23dBm of downlink composite output power for C-Band (5GNR).


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