On the flip side: Cabling photos

July 13, 2022
With the amount of "cable fail" on display in the ICT field, it's tempting to think of just about everywhere on-site as a cabling "work in progress." But on the flip side, we often see how order and clarity obtains when and where the techs "get it right."

With the amount of "cable fail" and "cable gore" to be found in the information and communications technology (ICT) field, as spied on social media at Reddit's photo-sharing sub-communities for technicians and users, it's tempting to think of just about everywhere on-site as a "work in progress."

But on the flip side, we regularly see how order and clarity (some might call it beauty) obtains when and where the trade's best expertise is allowed to flourish...

They say you can't fix stupid. Well, in this job -- sometimes you can.

Sure, it's clean now -- but will it stay that way? Check the Comments here for many colorful doubts.

For tips and tricks, you ask? Rigorous use of a cable comb is at least half the battle.

While presumably not too many, there are those in this field who claim to "really miss" wire wrapping and POTS. And you'll find them commenting below this tidy keyhole view into the cabling past.

The Reddit peanut gallery is wondering about employing a touch more slack behind the jacks, and hoping you retrieved your tools from the bottom of the cabinet. Otherwise, you did darn good.

QUOTE:  "No more punching down. Oh RevConnect where have you been my entire career." (Hat tip to our friends at Belden.)

Don't protest too much, chief. We see it -- you're getting there.

"Wrapping" up, eh? We see what you did there. And we're sure the folks at Velcro appreciate it.

And since it's come up, on the flip side of the age-old "cable ties" debate, the original poster here explains:

"Commando socket supplies for cabs in a data center. They're 4mm 3 phase flex cables. Similar to HO7. They just supply power to the banks of cabs that will be put in via the 32 amp commando sockets. There's the odd [cable] tie that's not cut flush. But they're 10 feet up in the air so I can't imagine many people will be in harm's way. 600+ ties fitted by 4 different sparks, there's bound to be a few that haven't been done flush. Customer is very happy with the work so no worries."

We love it when it's all spelled out for us. But the icing on the cake is when you jump in the frame for the photo.

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