Quite the mess: Cabling photos

Nov. 4, 2022
Unstructured "cablegore" and ICT connectivity "cablefail" debacles are an evergreen technology condition, as seen on social media.

With apologies to Australia's NBN, the titular applicability of today's photoblog chronicling various "cablegore" and "cablefail" scenarios, as drawn from Reddit's eponymous social media subcommunities for the professional ICT and IT arenas, is an expression as evergreen as the conditions it describes...

Indeed, indeed.

Let's commiserate with Reddit original poster (OP) u/stilsjx:

"Honestly… This job has hard specs, the engineers are super particular, and then the first closet I get into is this…"

Cornered by cablefail!

In the future, there are no cable ties.

More cable management follies.

Here it is, the one you've been waiting for. According to Reddit OP u/ballaa09:

"It's for recycling. Apparently 70 cents is the rate for a pound of Cat 5."

Insert face into palm...

Maybe so, but based on our observations, it's a global affliction.

When you're hot, you're hot. But what made it so?

According to Reddit OP u/ARBITER0FDEATH:

"I’m not even sure, it’s on a cat 5 panel and my company is upgrading them to a cat 6 with a new panel so I’ll see what was plugged in when I get to the demo part.."

Jimi Hendrix never did this.

The ceiling threw up.

You find it, and it finds you...

...down through the ages...

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