The Top 10 Cabling News Stories of 2022

Dec. 26, 2022
We present you with Cabling Installation & Maintenance's top ten news stories of the year, as reflected in pageviews at
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Here, with little fanfare, we present you with Cabling Installation & Maintenance's top ten news stories of the year, as reflected in pageviews at, yielded largely from CI&M's weekly newsletter, Cabling News.

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#10 - For Valerie Maguire, above and beyond is just the beginning

The end of June 2022 marked Valerie Maguire’s retirement from the information and communications technology (ICT) industry, and the commencement of a time when individuals in other fields, with other interests, will benefit from her talents and commitment to a job well done. ICT industry professionals worldwide have benefited from Valerie’s talents and commitment for decades—either through her work directly with customers of The Siemon Company or through her individual expert contributions to the development of cabling and networking industry standards.

#9 - The struggle is real: Cabling photos

There's a million hard luck stories in the information and communications technology (ICT) installation and maintenance trade. And sometimes, there's photos.

#8 - Panduit’s RapidID uses patch-cord scanning to build a network map

Users of the software-enabled network mapping system scan the codes on Panduit’s pre-labeled patch cords.

#7 - BICSI updates ITSIMM manual for new breed of ICT installers, technicians

Last January, BICSI released the new 8th edition of its Information Technology Systems Installation Methods Manual (ITSIMM), targeting peak performance for ICT technicians now and in the future.

#6 - Corning, Panduit settle patent dispute over data center products

As we reported previously, in February 2020 Corning filed an action with the United States International Trade Commission asserting four patents against Panduit and several other companies competing in the U.S. market for fiber-optic enclosures and cassettes. Panduit announced on October 10 that Corning Optical Communications and Panduit Corp. are entering into an agreement that will resolve pending patent-infringement and related proceedings between the companies.

#5 - 10 consequences of untrained and uncertified fiber installers

A previous article, “10 guidelines for qualifying and selecting fiber installers,” presented guidelines for selecting trained and certified installation personnel. These guidelines evolved from Pearson Technologies’ 32 years of training more than 7700 installation personnel and supporting attorneys in 38 lawsuits. This article presents 10 examples of the consequences of untrained and uncertified personnel.

#4 - Revisions to cable requirements in the 2023 National Electrical Code®

Classes 1, 2, 3, and 4, communications, fire alarm, and optical fiber cables are all addressed in the NEC.

#3 - Worldwide fiber-optic cable shortage looms over 5G, data center infrastructure rollouts

According to Cru Group's analysis per reporting in July, prices for fiber had reached their highest level since July 2019. North America is faring better than Europe, China and India -- but that may not be for long.

#2 - Fiber stroll: Cabling photos

Drilling down at street-and-pole level on a notable local fiber broadband cabling installation.

#1 - In the (fiber) loop: Slideshow

Given the available evidence, the question must be asked: Are fiber broadband installation techniques the same everywhere?

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