Panduit’s RapidID uses patch-cord scanning to build a network map

Feb. 4, 2022
Users of the software-enabled network mapping system scan the codes on Panduit’s pre-labeled patch cords.

Panduit Corp. recently introduced the RapidID Network Mapping System, which is designed to reduce the time and cost of patch-cord documentation by up to 50%, the company said. Using pre-labeled Panduit patch cords and the RapidID Bluetooth-enabled handheld scanner, network engineers can place and trace cables. The up-to-50% time savings are based on an internal time study Panduit conducted in 2021.

“The Network Mapping System automates the labor-intensive and error-prone cable documentation process to reduce the risk of a network outage,” Panduit said when introducing the new system. “With RapidID, the painstaking labeling process is already done. Additionally, RapidID is a practical alternative to traditional manual approaches and is ideally suited for building a new telecom room, locating installed cabling, or replacing a network switch.”

The system uses patch cords, each pre-labeled with a unique barcode, and Bluetooth-enabled handheld scanner. The combination automates labeling, tracing, and troubleshooting in three steps:

  1. Install Panduit cables that feature the unique barcode labels.
  2. Download the mobile app from iOS or Android app stores to a tablet device.
  3. Scan barcodes using the handheld scanner.

Panduit group manager for cable management solutions Rich Benson called RapidID “a game-changer for any network engineer. We are happy to offer our customers an innovative way to eliminate the pain points around patch cord labeling and documentation for network systems.”

RapidID project manager and senior solutions architect Kevin Marley explained that network documentation can drastically reduce downtime during an outage—but documenting physical infrastructure is extremely time-consuming and is often overlooked or out-of-date. “RapidID enables a fast, easy way to document patch cables and eliminate the manual data entry of network documentation,” he said.

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