Top 10 cleanest ICT cabling installs: Photos

March 3, 2023
Recognizing the "cleanest" cable installations, as seen recently posted by techs on social media documenting ICT field excellence.

For these blog posts chronicling the latest information and communications technology (ICT) cabling photos taken by trade practitioners and observers and put onto social media's Reddit, we frequently pay a lot of attention to the messiest and filthiest copper and fiber cable deployments, spied across the realms of datacom, telecom, industrial, broadcast and Pro AV, and commercial connectivity.

But today, we recognize ten of the "cleanest" installations seen recently in the social media site's central forum for images documenting ICT physical layer excellence.

The only image cleaner than 141 Category 6 plenum cables (1) snaking in 6 immaculate bundles from rack into and across ceiling, would be 36 packs of similarly Velcro-bundled Cat 6A (2) doing roughly the same -- or if it's done in purple (3).

Service provider data center (4) techs know how to conduct a clean install -- but sometimes, an individual's network clean-up (5) skills can just be innate.

Great ICT cabling work has no expiration date (6) -- and didn't we all work a bit harder through the pandemic?

Did we just mention that service provider techs usually seem to know what they're doing (7)? Let us mention that again.

Also: If you've been hankering to see a fresh and clean 10G-based Ubiquiti uplink (8) immaculately deployed, you've come to the right blog.

Finally, you know you're a great low voltage tech when even your unfinished (9) jobs sparkle. But is there a ceiling for ICT self-improvement (10)? And how do you know when you've hit it? (Sometimes you just know.)

Without further delay, we give you the week's top 10 cleanest cabling installs:











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