Prysmian accelerates General Cable integration in South America

July 11, 2019
New headquarters and expansion of the companies' Sorocaba regional headquarters near Brazil's São Paolo province focuses on broadband networks, renewable energy and overhead power lines.

Energy and telecom cable systems industry giant Prysmian Group is accelerating its integration with its recently acquired General Cable assets in South America and inaugurating the companies' new Sorocaba regional headquarters in the region of Brazil's São Paolo province.

Prysmian is thus leaving its existing Santo André facility and integrating the Prysmian and General Cable organizations into the new Sorocaba headquarters, built for an investment of approximately €35 million, which also permitted expansion of its Poços de Caldas production facility.

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The new headquarters was inaugurated by Prysmian's Chief Executive Officer Valerio Battista and LATAM Chief Executive Officer, Juan Mogollon, to mark the 90th anniversary of the group's presence in Brazil during a ceremony attended by the company's top managers, approximately 400 employees and major local clients and institutions.

“We are proud to celebrate our 90th anniversary in Brazil by inaugurating this new center of excellence capable of integrating the group's best practices,” commented Valerio Battista, CEO of Prysmian Group.

Battista added, “South America and Brazil are strategic markets where the integration with General Cable has improved our competitiveness, as shown by our positive performance in early 2019. Our investments in the Poços de Caldas and Sorocaba facilities will allow us to serve our clients even more effectively and take advantage of the opportunities that we believe the demand for broadband networks and renewable energy will present.”

In particular, Prysmian noted that the investments in the Sorocaba facility were aimed at building a new headquarters, replacing the previous Santo André facility, and expanding production capacity.

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Per a company statement, "Inspired by the same principles that guided the construction of the group's global headquarters in Milan, the building is noteworthy for its strong sustainability standards and high level of innovation and digitalization. The expansive interior spaces, designed to take advantage of the benefits of natural light, support the well-being and integration of the approximately 340 employees who work there and who represent the new organization, formed by bringing together the best of what Prysmian and General Cable have to offer."

The company adds that considerable efforts have been made in Sorocaba to upgrade and increase the production capacity of its power cables, optical and metal data transmission cables and special automotive industry cables lines. A new distribution center has also been built in the new facility, which extends over a total of approximately 23,000 square meters. The presence of a cutting-edge R&D center will also help support Sorocaba in becoming one of Prysmian's international centers of excellence.  

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