TIA issues call for interest on two optical fibers documents

The TIA's TR-42.12 Engineering Committee on Optical Fibers and Cables has issued a call for interest on two documents, 1) ANSI/TIA-455-191-C and 2) ANSI/TIA-492AAAF.

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On November 18, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) TR-42.12 Engineering Committee on Optical Fibers and Cables issued a Call for Interest on two documents, 1) ANSI/TIA-455-191-C and 2) ANSI/TIA-492AAAF. Bullet points of the call per a TIA statement are as follows:

  • The TR-42.12 Committee is developing guidelines for ANSI/TIA-455-191-C, initially titled Adoption of IEC-60793-1-45 Optical Fibers- Part 1-45: Measurement Methods and Test Procedures- Mode Field Diameter as TIA-455-191 (FOTP- 191), on the following scope: "Updating the original IEC version to correct errors and adopt the newest version.”

  • The Committee will also develop guidelines for ANSI/TIA-492AAAF initially titled Detail Specification for Class 1A Graded-Index Multimode Optical Fibers: Modification of IEC 60793-2-10:2017, Optical Fibers - Part 2-10: Product specifications – Sectional Specification for Category A1 Multimode Fibers as defined by the following scope: “Adapting with modifications IEC 60793-2-10:2019 as ANSI/TIA-492AAAF which may include ANSI/TIA-4920000-C and addition of min EMB info from 840 – 953 nm for A1a.2 and A1a.3 fibers. The IEC standard 60793-2-10 contains details and sectional specifications which ANSI/TIA 492AAAF cancels and replaces." Additional detail specifications include:
    • TIA-492A000 sectional specification
    • TIA-492AA00 blank detail specification
    • TIA-492AAAA, 492AAAB, 492AAAC, 492AAAD, 492AAAE
    • Improving the harmonization of ANSI specs with IEC specs.

TIA is actively seeking participation on these projects from the user and general interest communities. Stakeholders may include but are not limited to:

-- Users of optical fiber such as optical fiber cable manufacturers and their customers.

-- Optical fiber transmission and test equipment manufacturers.

-- Specifiers of optical fiber and cable such as telecommunications companies and standards bodies that define transmission protocols.

-- Designers, installers, integrators, operators of single pair Ethernet networks, and users.

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For more information about TR-42 and how to participate in standards development with TIA, contact the association's Standards Department section at standards@tiaonline.org

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