Belden launches end-to-end REVConnect systems for Cat 6A, 6 and 5e cabling

April 15, 2020
Belden is extending the benefits of its award-winning REVConnect connectivity line to include entire end-to-end cabling systems.

Belden announced that it is extending the benefits of its award-winning REVConnect connectivity line to include entire end-to-end cabling systems, providing best-in-class performance guarantees across all Category levels.

Each newly offered REVConnect System includes cable and connectivity "designed to meet the needs of demanding applications in use today and those coming tomorrow," says Belden. Applications include emerging wireless and Power over Ethernet (PoE) requirements, such as next-gen wireless access points and in-building small cells.

“All REVConnect Systems offer increased information capacity and greater signal-to-noise ratio than other cabling system options available today,” says Matt Baum, Belden’s global product line manager for copper systems. “This provides users with the assurance that their network infrastructure investments will bring to life the technologies of today and tomorrow by performing well under a PoE load, in long channel lengths and in noisy environments where signal interference can be prevalent, such as smart buildings.”

As described, by the company, newly available end-to-end cabling systems include the following:

REVConnect 10GXS System -- "Ideal for demanding applications, Belden’s REVConnect 10GXS System combines high-performance connectivity and the best mechanical and electrical characteristics available in a Category 6A cable. This system supports mission-critical smart buildings, data centers, efficient 100W PoE applications and noisy environments that present lots of signal interference."

REVConnect 10GXW System -- "The REVConnect 10GXW System offers outstanding noise immunity and reliability, designed specifically to support the multi-gigabit, in-building wireless applications of the future (up to 10G), such as Wi-Fi 6 and small cells, as well as other smart building applications and MPTL device connections in the extended LAN."

REVConnect 3600 and 2400 Systems -- "Both REVConnect 3600 and 2400 Systems support networking speeds of up to 2.5G and 5G, as well as PoE device connections. Both Category 6 Systems now feature increased performance guarantees across all electrical parameters, including insertion loss and crosstalk for excellent performance reliability, network speeds and uptime."

REVConnect 1200 System -- "The REVConnect 1200 System offers an end-to-end Category 5e system as well, which exceeds standards and provides 160 MHz of bandwidth. It delivers the best-performing Category 5e system available to support a variety of basic business applications in standard environments."

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