Pre-configured 50-ohm BNC cable assemblies for RG-58 and RG-316 coax

March 9, 2021
Amphenol RF has expanded its offering of BNC-to-BNC cable assemblies to include additional configurations on RG-58 and RG-316 coax cables.
Amphenol RF
Arf Bnc

Amphenol RF (Danbury, CT) has announced an expansion of its BNC cable assembly series, featuring its high-performance BNC connectors designed for a variety of flexible, semi-rigid and conformable cables.

The latest additions to this product series are engineered to support robust RG-58 and flexible RG-316 cables. The new cable assemblies are suitable for a number of 50-ohm applications, including RF test and measurement.

These BNC cable assemblies are available in multiple configurations (straight plug to straight jack; straight plug to right-angle jack; right-angle plug to straight jack) on both RG-58 and RG-316 coax cables, in standard lengths from 6 inches to 30 meters, and 6 inches to 48 inches, respectively. Custom lengths are available upon request.

The manufacturer says its BNC cable assemblies utilize high-quality BNC connectors, which feature the familiar bayonet coupling mechanism for easy mating and un-mating. The connectors are manufactured from brass with nickel plating and offer reliable electrical performance up to 4 GHz.

Amphenol RF is a manufacturer of coaxial connectors for use in radio frequency, microwave, and data transmission system applications. Learn more at

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