New Bulkhead Released by Icotek

Nov. 10, 2023
The KEL-FW B includes many features that make it a worthwhile product among bulkheads.

Introducing the KEL-FW B bulkead by icotek

The bulkhead line from icotek includes a new product that comes in two versions. With this new bulkhead, cables can be routed at 90° over a very large bending radius. Dubbed the KEL-FW B, the product is best suited for cables with plugs (max. ø 35 mm), and rigid cables with larger diameters can also be simply inserted. However, smaller cables that need a large minimum bending radius, and fiber optic cables, are other typical applications.

Installation of the KEL-FW B

When it comes to installation icotek claims that installation is “quick” and “extremely simple”.  “The KEL-FW B is fixed using the two rear drill holes on the housing in advance and then fitted with the desired cable grommets. The cover is then folded down, locked and screwed to the housing through the two front drill holes.” The cover of the KEL-FW B unattachable as the bulkhead is firmly connected to the mounting housing by a hinge.

The company notes that the versatility of the product can be increased by combining it with icotek’s IMAS-Connect series.

What are the features of icotek’s new bulkhead?

The KEL-FW B has an integrated seal which not only makes it protection class IP65, but also gives it high stability and makes the product vibration-proof. The strain relief meets the standards of DIN EN 62444, and is self-extinguishing through the bulkhead’s use of polyamide material, meeting the fire class of UL94-V0.

The bulkhead is silicone and halogen free, and is available in two versions that can be equipped with the KT grommet system by icotek. Along with the bulkhead, the company has included “suitable punches for the cut-out size of the KEL-FW B in its product portfolio.”

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