Category 6A UTP cable

Nov. 1, 2013
comCables’ latest product contains 23-AWG conductors and is available in CMP and CMR ratings.

comCables has announced details of its new Category 6A unshielded twisted-pair cable. In early October the company announced the release of a Category 6A product line, including patch cables, jacks, patch panels and a punch tool in addition to the Category 6A cable. When providing detail on the cable, the company noted, “The Cat 6A 10G Unshielded CMP and CMR are UL-listed and are a high-performance data communications cable … equipped with 4 pairs of high-quality 23-AWG solid bare copper conductors and has a jacket available in blue, white or yellow. … It is designed so each of the individual pairs maintains the twist-spacing throughout the length of the cable right up to the termination point.”

The company’s vice president and general manager, Andy Work, commented, “We have designed an unshielded cable solution to meet our customer needs, especially for fast Ethernet networks that require bandwidth-intensive voice, data, or video distribution applications.”

comCables adds that this new cable “is quality manufactured to the ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 standard to exceed requirements needed to transmit 10G to the IEEE 802.3aw requirements. Additionally, it meets UL 910, NFPA 262 and RoHS standards. The cable is available on 1,000-foot increments on wooden spools.”

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