Apple enthusiasts use Legos for cable management

Tip shows how to use Lego minifigures to hold charger and other cables in place at a desktop.


A post on TUAW—which describes itself as “The Unofficial Apple Weblog”—contains photos and a video describing how to use Lego figures and the adhesive product Sugru to hold in place “Apple charging and other similar cables,” writes TUAW’s Kelly Hodgkins.

“The do-it-yourself solution pairs sugru with Lego minifigures,” Hodgkins continues. “Sugru sticks to most materials, allowing you to attach the minifigs to your desk, car dashboard or anywhere else you need them.”

The image on this page is taken from the Sugru website, and also appears on TUAW.


This fun solution really is for cable management, not cables management, as each of the figures really can support just one, small-diameter cable. We don’t believe anyone will be adopting this technique in an enterprise network or a data center anytime soon.

Visit TUAW.

Visit Sugru.

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