Fiber-connectivity solution simplifies single-family residential installation

Aug. 21, 2023
OFS’s EZ-Bend Fast Wrap Solution replaces 6 cable lengths and an enclosure with a single part, and bend-tolerant fiber that can wrap around a house.
Ofs Ez Bend Fast Wrap

OFS now offers the EZ-Bend Fast Wrap Solution, which the company says “redefines fiber-optic drop cable storage and routing around and into the home.” The company explains that the new system “significantly reduces the complexity of single-family home installations by replacing 6 preconnectorized cable lengths and an enclosure with a single part number extendable up to 150 feet.” It can be converted to 900-micron InvisiLight Optical Fiber inside the home by stripping the outer jacket, OFS said, adding it “can be run to a centrally located ONT for improving WiFi coverage.”

EZ-Bend Fast Wrap significantly reduces the number of items needed for an installation, as well as the number of installation steps, the company emphasizes. “After wall-mounting the network interface device [NID] and splicing or connecting to a traditional Mini LT flat or EZ-Bend toneable round outside plant drop cable, the EZ-Bend 3mm cable can be pulled out to the precise length needed to wrap then penetrate into the home to reach a SlimBox Wallplate, then connect to the ONT using an EZ-Bend jumper,” according to OFS. “The remaining slack is automatically retained on the spool, eliminating the tedious step of manually wrapping and managing slack inside the NID.”

The system includes OFS’s EZ-Bend brand G.657.B3 optical fiber with a 2.5mm bend radius, which the company points out is twice as tight as the industry standard. That fiber is contained within an indoor/outdoor-rated EZ-Bend 3 cable, which offers 100-pound tensile strength. The EZ-Bend 3mm cable can be wrapped around the outside of a house, installed through a 3/8-inch hole into the home, or stripped down to 900-micron InvisiLight Optical Fiber routed inside, using the InvisiLight installation process.

“Each in-home installation is different,” says Eric Leichter, senior product line manager for OFS. “The EZ-Bend Fast Wrap Solution reduces complexity for the installer by reducing the number of components on the truck. It also gives the installer confidence that, regardless of the route in the home, the EZ-Bend cable can get there, while enabling a clean installation with cable management in one device.”

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