SFP-style high-speed copper cable assemblies

April 16, 2010
Available in SFP+ and QSFP styles, they accommodate connections up to 15 meters in high-speed environments.

Volex Group recently launched SFP+ and QSFP style copper cable assemblies designed for connections up to 15 meters in length in high-speed environments. "Copper cable assemblies offer a cost-effective solution for device connection within rack environments such as server farms and data archives, which only require short-length assemblies, typically less than four meters" said Toney Chew, the company's business development manager. "This is because the assembly does not require a signal conversion device, or transceiver, which pushes the costs up considerably. This cost reduction does not compromise signal integrity or compliance with industry standards and benchmarks for speed of data transfer."

The SFP+ model can support 10-Gbit/sec transmissions over Ethernet, while also offering backward compatibility with 1-Gbit/sec Ethernet. The hot-plug-swappable component is compliant with SFP+ MSA, SFF-8431, and SFF-8461.

The QSFP model offer a 3x port density over the SFP+ and performs to 10/40-Gbits/sec over Ethernet. The active cable assembly supports up to 15-meter lengths and meets all QSFP MSA and IBTA specifications, as well as achieving SFF-8436 compliance, Volex said.

The company noted that the products are appropriate for datacom (data centers, high-performance computing) and telecom (mobile network switching centers, base-station sites) applications. "High-speed delivery of data in these environments is crucial to smooth operations, and in most cases the profitability of the organization," Chew commented. "Cable assemblies must therefore be able to transfer large amounts of data rapidly.

"Copper cable assemblies such as the SFP+ and QSFP are able to deliver a remarkable rate of transfer, while maintaining signal integrity. Importantly, these products also consume lower levels of power and generate less heat. In a data center environment this is vital to effectively managing air-conditioning costs, and addresses the increasingly important environmental agenda."

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