Corning reaches 1M-kilometer milestone for ClearCurve multimode

The bend-insensitive multimode fiber is the standard 50-micron offering from Corning.

Corning Incorporated recently announced that it has sold more than 1 million kilometers of Corning ClearCurve multimode optical fiber. "With more than 6 million terminations globally deployed," Corning said, "the broad market acceptance of ClearCurve multimode optical fiber is apparent." It added that the fiber has been sold to more than 90 cable manufacturers in 20 countries.

Corning Optical Fiber's division vice president and director of worldwide marketing Barry Linchuck described the accomplishment as "an exciting achievement that validates continued customer acceptance" of ClearCurve. He added that the fiber remains Corning's standard 50-micron multimode product offering, "providing assurance against tight bends and challenging cable installations with up to 10 times less signal loss than traditional multimode fibers."

The company says ClearCurve can withstand bends down to a 7.5-mm radius "with substantially less signal loss than traditional multimode fibers."

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