ADC Helps Verizon Business Provide Green Solutions for its U.S. Federal Customers

March 8, 2010
ADC has teamed with Verizon Business to provide an end-to-end fiber infrastructure for integration into the Verizon Federal Network Systems' (FNS) Optical LAN Solution and offered to U.S. federal customers.

MINNEAPOLIS --ADC announced that it has teamed with Verizon Business to provide key products for an end-to-end fiber infrastructure offering that can be integrated into Verizon Federal Network Systems' (FNS) Optical LAN Solution and offered to federal customers in the U.S.

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ADC provides a broad range of products including its Rapid Fiber system portfolio, TrueNet cabling solutions, and RealFlex products that are deployed by Verizon Business in OLS installations. ADC's Rapid Fiber system provides a pre-connectorized fiber plant that significantly reduces installation time while saving capital expense.

The OLS solution, which takes converged services all the way to the desktop, uses the same passive optical network (PON) technology and practices that go into Verizon's nationwide fiber-to-the-premise network. The OLS network's Gigabit PON (GPON) architecture means it can deliver full Gigabit Ethernet service to each desktop and, with GPON's sophisticated data-encryption capabilities, provide the secure transport of information between users.

"When Verizon Business came to us looking for next-generation fiber infrastructure to support its OLS solution for its federal customers, key issues were cost, speed of installation and quality," said Pat O'Brien, president of Global Connectivity Solutions for ADC.

He added, "It also needed to manage cable volumes easily and conserve space in the process. Our fiber equipment helped Verizon Business address these issues and provide a completely passive end-to-end green solution that enables customers to significantly reduce power consumption and cooling costs of operating the network."

The Rapid Fiber system deployed by Verizon Business in the OLS installations includes the Rapid indoor Fiber Distribution Hub (iFDH), an inside-plant cabinet that functions as the main distribution and cross-connect point for the building. The iFDH uses factory-terminated and tested mechanical transfer connectors, rather than splicing, which means faster and less costly installations. Rapid iFDT also are incorporated into the OLS solution as the distribution points for individual desktops.

"Our federal customers can see for themselves why our OLS offering is a true green solution that is secure, scalable and can meet the needs of their future networks," said Ed Hill, director of program management for Verizon Business. "We want our customers to understand how this solution can help their agencies improve network efficiencies, enhance network capacity and reduce capital costs."

The Verizon Business OLS solution for federal customers is billed as offering several advantages over traditional network architectures. Using single-mode fiber all the way to the desktop can theoretically provide data rates of up to 25 terabits per second, voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) service and as many as 2,000 video channels at distances of up to 12 miles on a single strand of fiber.

By comparison, traditional architectures may generally use a separate medium for each type of traffic: dual-strand, multi-mode fiber to deliver data rates of 10 Gbps; twisted copper pair for voice service; and coaxial cable for video.

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