Next-generation 12-fiber ribbon splicer

Sept. 1, 2019
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s Type-Q102-M12 ribbon fiber splicer handles both 250- and 200-micron ecosystems, and has features to support fiber deployment in hyperscale networks.

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL), a group company of Sumitomo Electric Industries, announced on September 1 its newest addition to the Quantum Fusion Splicer portfolio. Sumitomo Electric’s new Type-Q102-M12 is accompanied with new features and benefits that the company says make the splicer capable of deploying next-generation hyperscale networks.

“Consistent and quality low-loss splicing, the compatibility with Lynx Custom-Fit 2 Splice-On Connectors, and Sumitomo Electric’s patented dual independent ovens make this fusion splicer a preferred choice for extensive and divers optical fiber networks,” the company said. “The new ribbon fiber splicer is capable of handling 250-micron and 200-micron ecosystems, and is accompanied by SEL’s 24/7 fusion splicer technician support and a three-year warranty.”

Increasingly, hyperscale data centers are using extremely high-fiber-count cables, often for building-to-building connections. Sumitomo’s 3456-fiber ribbon cable is an example of what hyperscales are using today. Within these ultra-high-fiber-count cables, the optical fibers are 200 microns in diameter, as opposed to the 250-micron diameter typical of singlemode optical fibers. Thus, the Type-Q102-M12 ribbon splicer’s ability to work with both 250-micron and 200-micron fibers eases a pain point for installers of these cable types.

SEL will showcase the new splicer at ISE Expo, which is being held in Ft. Worth, TX September 25-27, as well as the BICSI Fall Exhibition, which is being held in Las Vegas, NV September 30-October 2.  

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