Siemon launches PowerGUARD brand products for remote-powering applications

Sept. 4, 2019
The company has engineered enhancements into its twisted-pair outlets, plugs, cables and patch cords for remote-powering applications like PoE and PoH.
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On September 4, Siemon launched the PowerGUARD brand of twisted-pair copper cabling products. When announcing the new brand, the company explained that PowerGUARD aligns its established copper cable and connectivity systems that feature innovative technology specifically designed to provide superior support for remote powering applications such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Power over HDBase-T (PoH).

“PowerGUARD enhancements are engineered into Siemon’s outlets, plugs, cables and patch cords to ensure a robust and reliable end-to-end system that guards against the impact of delivering DC [direct current] power to IP-based devices over low-voltage IT infrastructure,” the company added.

“Remote powering technology, like PoE and PoH, transmits DC power along with data over copper twisted-pair cabling systems to end devices and significantly impacts network infrastructure deployments, enabling faster installation and reducing cost by eliminating the need for an AC [alternating current] power run,” Siemon explained. “With availability of IEEE 802.3bt 60W Type 3 and 90W Type 4 PoE for networked devices and 100W PoH for HDBase-T AV devices, remote powering levels have advanced to power everything from wireless access points, advanced pan-tilt-zoom surveillance cameras, access control devices and LED lights, to video displays, digital signage, point-of-sale machines and even desktop computers.”

Valerie Maguire, distinguished engineer with Siemon, commented, “With today’s higher levels of remote powering comes the potential for heat buildup within cable bundles and electrical arcing damage to connector contacts. This can lead to power and efficiency losses, performance degradation and reduced connecting-hardware reliability, and has resulted in more-stringent bundling requirements and the need to de-rate the length of network links to maintain performance—all of which limits flexibility when designing and installing networks.”

Siemon’s PowerGUARD technology includes patented crowned contacts on the company’s Z-MAX (pictured above), MAX, and TERA outlets that place the arcing damage caused by unmating connections while transmitting power away from the final mated position to ensure the integrity of contact seating surfaces and maintain long-term reliability. To combat the effects of heat buildup in cable bundles carrying DC power that can cause increased signal attenuation and premature aging of jacketing materials, Siemon’s Category 6A and Category 7A cables with PowerGUARD technology are qualified for mechanical reliability in high-temperature environments up to 70 degrees Celsius. This, Siemon explains, ensures superior heat dissipation and extremely stable transmission performance, preventing the need to reduce link length and cable bundle size.

“For networks that utilize modular plug terminated links where devices connect directly to the network via an RJ-45 plug, Siemon’s Z-PLUG Category 6A field-terminated plug with PowerGUARD technology features a fully shielded 360-degree enclosure and 75-degree-Celsius operating temperature, providing superior heat dissipation in conjunction with Siemon PowerGUARD cables,” the company continued. “For traditional network deployments that utilize patch cords for connecting devices to outlets, Siemon’s Z-MAX Category 6A and TERA Category 7A four-pair shielded solid modular cords with PowerGUARD technology also offers a 75-degree-Celsius operating temperature, reducing the potential for degraded transmission performance at elevated temperatures and making them ideal for use in spaces that do not have environmental control, e.g. ceilings and warehouses. For use within environmentally controlled spaces, such as active equipment and crossconnect connections within telecommunications spaces, Siemon Category 6A shielded stranded modular cords with PowerGUARD technology are also qualified to 75 degrees Celsius, while offering a smaller diameter and greater flexibility for use within patching fields.”

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