America Ilsintech launches four fusion splicers

Oct. 10, 2019
The Swift K33 product line of core-alignment splicers and the Swift KR12 product line of ribbon splicers broaden America Ilsintech’s portfolio of efficient, easy-to-use products.

America Ilsintech recently added four fusion splicers to its Swift product line: the K33, K33A (pictured), KR12, and KR12A. “These new additions will strengthen our ongoing efforts to meet and exceed the customer’s needs for highly efficient and reliable quality products,” the company said when introducing the splicers in late September.

The Swift K33 product line is an IPAAS (Image Pattern Analysis Alignment System) core-alignment splicer that America Ilsintech explains “provides improved splicing productivity with an integrated dual heater system. This allows for quicker splicing, improved fiber stability, and overall better performance. With an electrode life of up to 10,000 splices and a rotating blade that can cleave up to 75,000 fibers, the K33 product line offers longer usability without the need for part replacements. It is offered as the K33, a standalone splicer, or as the K33A, a premium unit that features our all-in-one functionality. These new core-to-core alignment splicers are ideal for medium and long-range optical circuit, LAN, CATV and FTTx.”

The Swift KR12 product line is a ruggedized ribbon splicer that offers improved workability for splicing ribbons of up to 12 fibers, including single fibers. “Ribbonizing holder kits are included with each splicer to help guide fibers into place,” America Ilsintech says. “This affords improved optical performance and enhanced tensile strength. Splicing times are also greatly improved via a dual heater that applies heat to both sides of the splice protection sleeve, resulting in a faster shrink time for 12-fiber ribbon. The KR12 is also available as a standalone unit or can be ordered as a KR12A, which features the all-in-one functionality that integrates five functions into one unit. Additionally, the rugged nature of the KR12 product line makes it resistant to shock, dust and water.”

Brad Everette, America Ilsintech’s general manager, commented, “These new additions to the Swift product line further enhance the commitment America Ilsintech has made to the fiber-optic industry by creating engineered solutions ideal for high-performance connections, simplified installations, and guaranteed bandwidth. Our primary goal is to continue to make it easier to install and terminate fiber optics without compromising quality or performance. By doing so, we are playing our part to enable the fiber-optic industry to expand and grow.”

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