Indoor 288-port wall box is optimized for dense MDU applications

Oct. 20, 2020
Clearfield says its FieldSmart FDP Indoor 288-port Wall Box is purpose-built to reduce labor and installation time and to streamline FTTx deployment scenarios.

Clearfield, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLFD), a specialist in fiber management for communication service providers, has announced its FieldSmart Fiber Delivery Point (FDP) Indoor 288-Port Wall Box product line.

The plug-and-play platform is designed to streamline the labor and installation time associated with large MDU or MTU fiber deployments by condensing a traditionally four step-process into one. This allows service providers to quickly turn-up broadband services and enable subscribers to benefit from the lifestyle that better broadband provides, says the company.   

“Today’s environment has forced service providers to provide reliable broadband faster than ever to keep communities connected, working and learning,” said Kevin Morgan, chief marketing officer at Clearfield. “MDUs varying architectural layouts present unique challenges for deploying fiber, both logistically and aesthetically. The combination of our solutions within this FDP eliminate common deployment challenges and offer greater speed and fewer labor costs for MDU, MTU, and other carrier applications.”  

Utilizing the company's Clearview Black Ribbon Cassette, the compact FieldSmart FDP gives service providers plug-and-play integration based upon the configuration requirements of their application, notes Clearfield. Feeder fibers, distribution fibers, splitter modules, splicing and unused splitter output storage are all contained within a compact, single, rugged, wall-mountable enclosure, eliminating space challenges that can be present in both greenfield and brownfield environments. The platform's use of multi-fiber Push On (MPO) connectors make for easy deployment of 12 to 24 fibers at a time.  

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The Clearview optimized wall box can house up to nine high-density splitters and allows the user to scale the bulkhead from 12 to 288 distributed ports and up to 24 feeder ports. This bulkhead accepts the company's Clearview Black Patch and Splice Cassettes and swings open offering easy access to the front and rear of the cassettes. A side lock provides security enabled doors for extra protection and a solid enclosure to protect fiber terminations from damage. True to Clearfield’s craft-friendly product design, the box requires only one technician for mounting.  

“As service providers continue to build out FTTH, space and time constraints in construction are major factors,” observed Chris Wilson, Director of Plant Construction for Hotwire Communications. “Clearfield has stayed ahead of these ever-changing situations, with, yet again, another amazing product that will streamline our business and deployment.” 

As noted by a Clearfield press statement: 

The value of fiber services is vastly being realized and will likely continue to increase as remote working and e-learning become the new normal. According to research from BroadbandNow, many apartment hunters said they’d be willing to pay over $50 additional per month for a fiber connection. With predictions that the U.S. will need nearly 4.6 million new multifamily units by 2030 and the current trend of remote working and learning, fiber deployment in this sector will rapidly increase and likely cause older complexes to upgrade current infrastructure to compete with new builds.  

Clearfield’s FieldSmart 288 Indoor Wall Box is now available for ordering. Learn more at at

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