AFL updates MPO splice-on field-installable connector

Feb. 23, 2021
AFL has introduced its next-generation FUSEConnect MPO splice-on connector.

AFL today announced the launch of its next-generation FUSEConnect MPO splice-on field-installable connector. The manufacturer says the FUSEConnect MPO’s updated design migrates from a mechanical splice protection clamp to a heat protection sleeve, using an on-board splicer heater and eliminating the need for a separate mechanical clamp tool.

Designed to utilize standard ribbon, AFL's SpiderWeb Ribbon, or loose tube cable, the company says the new connector helps minimize the complexity involved in the termination of multi-fiber connectors. 

“As we explored ways to improve on the FUSEConnect MPO, we focused on the viewpoint of field technicians [and] how we could adapt this connector to make it easier during installation,” explains Sadie Waycaster, optical connectivity product manager for AFL. “The result is in the process. By using a heat sleeve protector design, the overall termination process is cleaner, faster and more efficient.”

AFL says the FUSEConnect MPO’s factory pre-polished ferrule allows for a field-termination process that eliminates the need for polishing, adhesives and crimping in the field and minimizes the potential for operator error and expensive connector scrap. The splice-on connector is designed to be used with the RT-02 ribbonizing tool which does not require glue, resulting in a cleaner termination process.

The FUSEConnect MPO is part of the company's FUSEConnect splice-on connector family which includes SC, LC, ST and FC style connectors. The FUSEConnect MPO performs as an equivalent to the standard factory terminated MPO/MTP assemblies, claims AFL.

The manufacturer offers a tool kit as well as a variety of accessories for FUSEConnect MPO applications. For more information, visit

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