Panduit: OneMode media converter can boost MMF network performance by 100x

April 20, 2021
New media converter technology increases bandwidth of existing networks by eliminating modal dispersion.
Panduit One Mode1

The OneMode-Link passive media converter from Panduit, a specialist in innovative network infrastructure products, upgrades existing multimode fiber network performance to meet today’s increased application and end-user demands by eliminating modal dispersion, allowing for deployment of 10 Gbps, 50 Gbps, and faster data transmission speeds.

“This leading-edge technology allows customers with existing fiber backbones running 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps to upgrade performance by up to 100x or better at a fraction of the installation time and cost of traditional upgrade methods,” comments David Weksel, director of strategic growth for Panduit. “This disrupts the need to replace old multimode with singlemode fiber while protecting investments in the network for years to come.”

Operating the new product is simple. For deployment of the new media converters, OneMode-Link devices are placed in-between the core switch and the edge switch. Singlemode optical modules connect to OneMode-Link using singlemode patch cords.

The multimode optical infrastructure attaches to the multimode port or pigtail. For links less than 800m, at the far end, multimode fiber is connected to a singlemode patch cord using a fiber adapter. For links greater than 800m, a OneMode-Extender is used.

As observed by Panduit's announcement of the product:

COVID-19 has accelerated the digitization of personal interactions across virtually every industry, leaving many companies searching for solutions to meet new demands - often on a reduced operating budget. According to a McKinsey Survey of Global Executives, respondent companies have catalyzed the digitization of customer and supply chain interaction of their internal operations by three-to-four years and forced an increase of digitally enabled products in their portfolios by seven years.
Panduit’s OneMode satisfies the need for increased bandwidth by supporting the evolution in network traffic regardless of its topology. This versatility future-proofs aging fiber backbones and reduces investment requirements by preventing long, complex, and expensive rip and replace cable deployments. Use case benefits and ROI make OneMode an attractive and highly viable network upgrade solution in the K-12, university, healthcare, enterprise, industrial, and other campus markets.

Learn more at Panduit.

OneMode Tech Specs:

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