Cybernet intros PoE medical computers

May 5, 2021
The CyberMed M Series is also antimicrobial, fanless, IP65 certified, and 60601-1 rated -- making these models true medical-grade computers.

Cybernet Manufacturing on April 26 announced the introduction of its CyberMed M22 Power over Ethernet (PoE) medical computers.

This new medical grade computer is in addition to the company's CyberMed M12 PoE medical computer; the two units will now be referred to as the CyberMed M Series and are the first of several PoE medical computers that will be released in the coming months.

Power over Ethernet capability means that these devices can be powered by a Cat 6 Ethernet cable connection. Cybernet notes that this feature will give hospitals incredible flexibility with regard to deployment, now that a traditional AC power outlet is no longer a prerequisite or consideration for use of a computer.

The series' PoE functionality is attainable through the use of low power consumption components; however, the CyberMed M series still runs on an Intel quad core processor, ensuring the computing power needed to run most medical software applications.

The CyberMed M Series is also antimicrobial, fanless, IP65 certified, and 60601-1 rated -- making these models true medical grade computers. A host of optional features, including an integrated RFID reader and 2D barcode scanner, can further expand the functionality of these devices.

Ali Bagheri, VP of global operations for Cybernet, commented, "These two units are really the next logical evolution in our medical grade product line. The CyberMed M12 and M22 series takes all of the medical grade features that we engineer into all our of medical PCs, and packages them into a series that can be deployed virtually anywhere. It can be difficult and expensive to run a power outlet to a particular location within a facility. These units eliminate that obstacle, allowing you to deploy these units wherever you need them."

Cybernet plans to expand the M Series offerings over the coming months to include 19" and 20" inch models. However, no specific timeline for when those units will be available has been made public.

Cybernet Manufacturing is s privately held company with 450+ employees worldwide. For more information, visit

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