Industrial temperature QSFP28 100G transceivers stabilize 5G wireless, FTTx networks

May 13, 2021
ProLabs stabilizes 5G wireless backhaul/midhaul and FTTx networks its new QSFP28 100G industrial temperature transceivers.

ProLabs, a global specialist in optical networking and connectivity systems, has launched its new industrial temperature (ITEMP) QSFP28 100G transceivers, optimized for stabilizing 100G signals across temperature sensitive network links from -40C to +85C.

As observed by the manufacturer:

Networks containing high performance transceivers under constant load or subject to climate are impacted when temperatures break beyond ideal operating ranges. 5G wireless backhaul and midhaul networks spanning large distances, as well as optics in FTTx and high frequency trading networks, are especially prone to temperature related signal degradation, alarms, and loss of service.
By employing the wider temperature tolerance provided by these rugged QSFP28 transceivers, network operators can protect their 100G networks against any adverse effects caused by weather, climate, or heavy usage.

"Stabilizing signals across all network elements is essential in achieving usable next-generation data rates at and beyond 100G," asserts Patrick Beard, Chief Technology Officer at ProLabs. "QSFP28 100G ITEMP transceivers deliver network reliability and consistency exactly where it is needed most—to key 5G wireless midhaul, backhaul, high frequency, and access network links."

ProLabs notes its QSFP28 100G ITEMP transceiver solutions are interoperable in environments with switches and routers from manufacturers including Cisco, Arista, Fujitsu, Alcatel-Lucent Nokia, and Ciena.

For more information on ProLabs' QSFP28 100G industrial temperature transceiver line, visit:

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