Siemon limits lead time to 5 days with FiberNow program

Nov. 15, 2021
Program includes fiber jumpers, assemblies, trunks, cassettes, modules, and enclosures.

In the face of global supply-chain challenges that have impacted consumer and business-to-business commerce, Siemon launched its FiberNow fast shipping program, through which it commits to a five-day timeframe in which a number of multimode and singlemode fiber-optic products will leave the company’s facility.

“Major disruptions to the global supply chain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent labor and material shortages, increased demand, and other events have driven prices and lead time to an all-time high, hindering the ability of network owners and operators to quickly bring services online,” the company said when announcing the program. “By leveraging new advances in logistics and adding extensively to Siemon’s already best-in-class ISO 9001 manufacturing and warehousing capabilities, the FiberNow program includes an extensive list of multimode and singlemode fiber cabling and connectivity products guaranteed to leave Siemon’s facility in five days.”

The program includes plug-and-play LC and MTP OM4 or OS2 jumpers, MTP-LC assemblies, trunks, cassettes, modules, and enclosures.

“With many planned upgrades that were put on hold during the pandemic now coming to fruition, network owners and operators have become increasingly frustrated with long lead times,” said Tony Walker, Siemon’s fiber product marketing manager. “We launched our FiberNow program to provide guaranteed expedited service at normal pricing for the connectivity that data centers need to quickly deploy the 10- to 400-Gigabit fiber links that allow them to meet increasing customer demand and digital transformation goals.”

You can visit the FiberNow page, which includes a list of products in the program, here.

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