Corning expands Evolv fiber network connectivity platform

Aug. 26, 2022
Corning says new extensions to the Evolv product line can help streamline permitting, accelerate field installation, and optimize testing.

At ISE Expo (Aug. 23-24) in Denver, Corning (NYSE: GLW) introduced the latest round of innovations to its award-winning Evolv portfolio of network connectivity products and systems. The company contends that, compared to traditional cable deployment methods, the newly introduced products provide network operators with greater flexibility "at every stage of fiber deployment."

Corning says its new Evolv connectivity solutions will help operators streamline permitting, accelerate field installation, and optimize network testing.

Like all products in the Evolv portfolio, the company says the newest extensions to the product line give operators an expanded toolkit to deploy ever-expanding fiber networks efficiently, a vital need in a time of accelerating bandwidth demand and public investments in broadband.

Planning, field installation, monitoring and testing

The company contends its newest Evolv connectivity solutions "touch every phase of broadband deployment."

Firstly, for planning, Corning’s new augmented-reality app, Evolv AR Visualizer, allows operators to show how terminals will be placed prior to a deployment. This capability can help facilitate more efficient permit approvals – particularly in façade environments such as historic districts, where building-owner approval is required.

Next, for field installation, Corning emphasizes that its new Evolv terminal options offer additional deployment flexibility. Paintable covers allow operators to install terminals on facades with minimal aesthetic impact. Additionally, the Evolv One-Fiber Pushlok Connection Kit lets operators easily connect Pushlok fiber drops to one another, simplifying deployment.

Finally, for monitoring and testing, the ew Evolv terminal-port reflectors can be paired with optical network monitoring technology to enable automated monitoring throughout a network. This allows technicians to easily isolate segments of cable for preventive maintenance and troubleshooting.

Corning notes the compact, easy-to-install Evolv terminals can be deployed in the ground, on a pole or facade, or on a strand. The Pushlok Technology enables simple one-handed drop installation, with tactile and audible feedback.

According to a press release, "The [products'] ease of installation and optimized field handling reflect Corning’s knowledge and experience gained from passing 70 million homes worldwide with its hardened connectivity solutions."


“We believe the Optical Communications industry is at the beginning of a large multiyear wave of growth, and we’re continuing to innovate in our Evolv portfolio to support this network expansion. More than ever, network operators are looking to deploy efficiently and cost-effectively, and this latest round of Evolv solutions provides new tools and new capabilities to meet those needs.” -- Bob Whitman, vice president of market development, Carrier Networks, Corning Optical Communications 

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