Fiber-optic video scope configured for Windows operating systems

Nov. 14, 2016
The RMS-1 TruVue fiber-optic video scope records still and motion imagery.

The RMS-1 TruVue Fiber Optic Video Scope is now configured for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, its inventor Edward J. Forrest recently announced. RMS-1 is direct digital photography and records in still and motion imagery.
“The RMS-1 TruVue Fiber Optic Video Scope is the only device that can ‘see’ beyond the customary and limited field-of-view as noted in IEC-61300-3-35,” Forrest explained. “This is an important advance as debris present in many sectors of the fiber-optic connector, heretofore not possible to be seen, can contribute to reflectance and insertion loss. The instrument can be used for field service, production lines, and a very essential asset for training applications.”

One of the more revealing images captured with the patent-pending Rotating Adapter is shown immediately below. In this image a scratch, likely from cleaning gritty debris in a ‘dry-cleaning process’ is seen running through the fiber core, Forrest noted. He also pointed out the image shows debris captured along the vertical ferrule and at the base of the adapter.

“In addition to the customary horizontal endface, RMS-1 can easily see the vertical ferrule as well as soil points of the fiber-optic connection,” Forrest said. “RMS-1 is thought to be the only device on the market able to capture direct digital images of fiber-optic connector surfaces beyond the limited areas commonly understood as Zone 1-2-3.” Forrest characterizes a connector in three-dimensional terms in Zones: 1-2-3-4-5. With the RMS-1 TruVue, virtual 3D imagery identifies the 3D nature of contamination previously characterized in two dimensions.

RMS-1 records in both still digital and motion video imagery. “Images such as this are critical to identify correct cleaning processes as fiber-optic transmissions regularly exceed theoretical-to-practical,” according to Forrest. “RMS-1 is used to inspect both military-style and all commonly used telecommunications type fiber-optic connectors. Special adapters are available on request.”

RMS-1’s ability to be configured for Windows 8 and Window 10 machines means existing computer platforms can be used for the inspection process, Forrest said. Previously, RMS-1 was only available on Windows 7 devices. “Professional trainers, production lines, central office/data center operations will be essentially interested as the instrument clearly expresses the need to clean and inspect as well as where, which answers why,” Forrest concluded.

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