Sticklers carrying CleanBlast fluid for automated fiber endface cleaning

Sept. 23, 2016
As of September 21, Viavi Solutions no longer stocks the solution for its CleanBlast systems; it is referring customers to Sticklers for the fiber endface cleaning fluid.

At the European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC), MicroCare Europe featured CleanBlast as part of its Sticklersfiber-cleaning portfolio. Specifically, Sticklers announced that CleanBlast-compatible HFE-based fiber cleaning fluid from Viavi Solutions is now packaged by Sticklers.

“The CleanBlast chemistry is engineered for the automated, high-speed cleaning of fiber endfaces using the CleanBlast systems manufactured by Viavi Solutions,” Sticklers explained. “These systems are widely used around the world by OEMs making transceivers, patch cords and other quality fiber-optic devices. Thousands of systems are in use in Europe, the USA, Mexico and across Asia, and every one of these systems needs a supply of the CleanBlast HFE-based cleaning fluid.”

Though not for use in the field by technicians to keep fiber endfaces clean, CleanBlast is an important piece of the fiber-connectivity ecosystem in that it ensures that endfaces are clean when they leave the factory.

As of the conclusion of ECOC on September 21, Viavi Solutions no longer offers the cleaning fluid; it now refers customers needing CleanBlast fluids to Sticklers.

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