DC-powered PoE midspans enable energy-efficient indoor, outdoor installations

Standalone devices from Microsemi are ideal for powering access points, security cameras and other high power applications in DC environments.

Microsemi Corp. (NASDAQ: MSCC) has announced the availability of two new DC-powered Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) midspans, models PD-9501G and PD-9501GO. The company says the devices provide cost-efficient standalone powering of wireless LAN access points, security cameras, IP videophones, thin clients and other high power applications in DC environments -- including solar-powered traditional telecom applications.

The new single-port midspans can be powered by DC power ranging from 10-60 VDC and provide standard PoE power to applications requiring 15.4, 30 and 60 watts (W) of power. The PD-9501G is designed for indoor use and the PD-9501GO was developed for outdoor installations. Both devices feature convenient plug-and-play installation and provide significant energy efficiency and cost savings, contends Microsemi. In addition, the devices' DC input versions eliminate the need to double convert power, offering an eco-friendly and more efficient way to power devices without the need to convert AC to DC.

"Our new PoE midspans fulfill today's need for devices to be powered by DC, as utilizing energy from solar panels or in telecom locations can often require this type of voltage level," comments Sani Ronen, director of marketing for PoE systems at Microsemi. "Microsemi's DC-powered solutions eliminate our customers' need to use AC or an external DC to AC power converter with AC midspans."

The PD-9501G is designed specifically for high power Ethernet end terminals with 60 W of power, and is also backward-compatible and safe to use with any 802.3af terminal. The PD-9501GO offers a IEEE802.3at-compliant solution for outdoor installations, guaranteeing 60 W of power and ensuring safe and reliable operation for any standard PoE data terminal. It also offers surge protection, ensuring indoor equipment is safeguarded from outdoor power surges. Both midspans allow devices to receive power, along with data, over standard Ethernet cables, leaving network infrastructure completely unaltered.

Microsemi's PD-9501G and PD-9501GO's DC input versions include the following models:

-- PD-9501G/24VDC
-- PD-9501G/48VDC
-- PD-9501GO/12-24VDC
-- PD-9501GO/48VDC

The new PoE midspans are in production now. For more information or to obtain a sample, contact a local distributor or Microsemi sales representative, or email sales.support@microsemi.com.

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