RJ45 jack makes its way into Gigabit Passive Optical Network

FCI's 8-port modular jack is available with an optional LED for optical transmission.

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A new connector from FCI shows that the RJ45 interface really may be ubiquitous, because FCI's new RJ45 1-stack 8-port connector is meant for Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) applications. FCI explains the new product "is ideal for broadband switches, hubs, routers, servers and telecommunication applications. With RJ45 1x8 installed, GPON devices can offer a more bandwidth-efficient protocol for data-centric services."

The company further explains that GPON is already deployed by many of the world's Tier 1 telecommunications carriers and has established itself as the worldwide standard for delivering voice, data and video. Among other benefits, GPON provides significant bandwdith (2.5 Gbits/sec downstream and 1.25 Gbits/sec upstream) over a single strand of optical fiber. The company says its 1x8 modular jack "could be designed into systems employing GPON 2U/1U multiple dewelling unit rack for customer line cards I/O."

The new FCI product, shown at the top of this page, is designed to GS-22-008 (lead-free) and UL94V-0 (fire-resistance) specifications, and is RoHS-compliant. It has a full shield shell for protection against electromagnetic interference. The connector is available with optional LED colors. FCI explains, "LED applications include fiber-optic data transmission, and ease of modulation allows wide communication bandwidth with minimal noise, resulting in high speed and accuracy with long life providing signal identification."

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