FC connector now part of AFL's FuseConnect line

FC interface joins SC, LC and keyed LC in the FuseConnect product line.

AFL has added the FC connector to its FuseConnect family. Using a fusion splicer, AFL's FuseConnect consists of four components, which the company says simplifies the field-installation process. The connector has a prepolished ferrule, thereby eliminating polishing from the termination process and minimizing operator error as well as connector scrap. The FC connector interface is newest in the FuseConnect line, which also includes SC, LC and keyed LC interfaces.

Additionally, AFL has introduced the LC Duplex Clip, which is designed specifically for its FuseConnect and FAST connectors. FAST connectors are prepolished and field-installable. They encompass a translucent wedge that enables the use of a visual fault locator to provide a pass/fail signal once contact is achieved. FAST connectors are available in SC, ST and LC versions.

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