Water-resistant LC connectors

The IP-67-rated duplex connectors also provide protection against contamination in extreme environments.

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CONEC recently added IP-67-rated LC connectors to its line of water-resistant connector products. The company says these connectors allow designers to incorporate LC data ports into harsh environments. Being IP-67-rated, they provide protection from contamination and moisture in addition to mechanical stability, temperature resistance and vibration immunity.

The connectors feature a 1/6-th turn bayonet coupling for mate/unmate cycles. They are available with either black plastic or nickel-plated zinc-die-cast housing materials. All the LC connectors in the line are duplex. They are available in singlemode, multimode and APC styles. The complete product line includes panel-mounted receptacles, mating plugs and protective caps. Preterminated jumper cables including cables suitable for outdoor use and direct burial, in lengths from 1 to 300 meters, are also part of the line.

Peter Persoci, technical support specialist with CONEC, points out designers have had few options for outdoor fiber-optic connectors that accommodate the higher end of Ethernet data speeds.

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