Video shows how to use VFL to verify fiber-connector integrity

The tester ensures proper alignment of the fiber in the connector before termination.

A video recently made available by Leviton Network Solutions shows step-by-step how to properly terminate a fiber to one of the company's connectors, and how the use of a visual fault locator (VFL) is an essential part of the process.

About three minutes in duration, the video demonstrates the preparation and termination of an optical fiber to Leviton's FastCAM connector. The process includes stripping, cleaning and cleaving the bare fiber, aligning it into the connector and completing the termination.

The alignment process is when the VFL comes into play. Using a visual fault locator, the installer is able to tell whether or not the fiber is correctly aligned inside the connector. The video includes tips on how to maneuver the fiber if it is out of alignment.

Watch the video here.

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