Hybrid IP-PBX for large enterprises

Aug. 14, 2014
Matrix Comsec’s Eternity LE supports up to 1344 analog ports.

Matrix Comsec has introduced the Eternity LE system (pictured), which it describes as an “IP-PBX for large enterprises, with up to 1344 analog ports.” It says the system is designed for large corporate offices, manufacturing plants, education or residential campuses, and hospitality environments “to transcend all technological, organizational and geographical boundaries.” The system offers 45-party conference, CTI, IP telephony, mobile extensions, email-to-SMS and voicemail features, the company adds.

The newly introduced Eternity LE system complements Matrix Comsec’s Navan CNX 200, which it calls “office-in-a-box” and characterizes as “a single-box solution for all voice, data, Internet, wireless, mobility and messaging needs of small businesses with up to 24 users.” It delivers IP-PBX functionality, high-speed Internet, wireless voice and data access, data routing and virtual private networking from a compact and converged platform.”

The company introduced the Eternity LE system at Commworld 2014, during which product manager Rohit Singh said, “Philippines is one of the fastest-growing telecommunications and IT marketplaces. We are looking forward to meeting key service providers and business professionals to explain our business solution.”

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