Consolidation point boxes bring fiber zone cabling closer to end-users

June 12, 2014
Belden has introduced its FiberExpress M-Box consolidation point.

Belden has introduced its FiberExpress Multi-Box (M-Box), a consolidation point that brings fiber closer to the point of use for higher bandwidth and flexible zone cabling in a variety of applications, such as enterprise or data center networks.

Fiber zone cabling through the use of consolidation points distributes higher-bandwidth fiber connectivity closer to equipment or groups of users, which is ideal for supporting pods of servers in the data center, modular furniture in a large office environment, gaming machines on a casino floor, or point-of-sale locations,” explains Dwayne Crawford, Belden product line manager for fiber connectivity solutions.

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According to Belden, constructed of metal, the FX M-Box is a self-contained box that can be placed within an enclosure or surface-mounted above the ceiling or below the floor. Unlike other consolidation boxes that only support field termination, Belden says the FX M-Box supports field termination using mechanical and pigtail fusion splicing techniques, and pre-termination using multi-fiber MPO optical connectors at the rear, with an integrated fanout to six LC duplex fiber-optic connectors on the front for fast deployment of 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

“Strategic placement of consolidation points is critical, requiring a compact, low-profile design that can be easily concealed above a suspended ceiling, or below a raised floor, and flexible termination options to quickly connect nearby equipment,” concludes Belden's Crawford.

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