Water-only lapping film speeds fiber-optic connector polishing

Oct. 15, 2014
Fiber Optic Center Inc. now offers its AngstromLap ULTIMAS Final Polish lapping film.

Fiber Optic Center Inc. has extended its AngstromLap line of polishing films with the addition of its ULTIMAS High-Performance Final Film. The company says its latest ULTIMAS fiber-optic lapping film is designed to provide excellent polishing performance on high-end polishing machines, while using only water for cleaning and lubrication.

Available in different sizes for use with a variety of polishing machines, the ULTIMAS film promises high performance over multiple uses, says the company. The use of water as a lubricant significantly decreases cleaning requirements and speeds polishing while decreasing costs, the company points out. Meanwhile, the film offers consistent and repeatable results, leading to high yields.

According to the Fiber Optic Center, when used on quality polishing machines, the ULTIMAS film can achieve UPC back-reflection of -55 dB or less, MM UPC back-reflection of -3.5 dB or better, and APC back-reflection of -70 dB or less. Insertion loss should be 0.2 dB or better, adds the company.

The AngstromLap ULTIMAS Final Film is now generally available.


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