RJ45 shielded connector with internal or external ground

Aug. 16, 2012
The shielded version of Platinum Tools' EZ-RJ45 has through holes that allow wire-pair insertion through the connector's front for quick termination.

Platinum Tools has updated its EZ-RJ45 shielded Category 5e and Category 6 connectors with internal or external ground. The connector simplifies twisted-pair terminations, Platinum Tools says, by allowing the wires to be inserted through the connector and out the front, which easily verifies the proper wiring order.

By pulling the connector down over the cable jacket and seating it tightly in the rear of the connector, electrical performance of the termination is optimized.

Platinum Tools lists the following characteristics of the upgraded EZ-RJ45 shielded connectors.

  • Through holes allow wire pairs to be inserted through front of connector for faster termination
  • Ease of verifying wire sequence reduces scrap
  • Works with solid or stranded wire; separate connectors are not required, thereby reducing inventory requirements
  • One-piece design eliminates need for bars or liners
  • Internal ground: Maximum cable OD of 0.260 in and maximum conductor OD of 0.041 in
  • External ground: Maximum cable OD of 0.280+ in and maximum conductor OD of 0.041 in

Lee Sachs, Platinum's president and general manager, commented, "By shielding the EZ-RJ45, additional electrical isolation means the cables are even less susceptible to electrical interference caused by nearby equipment or wires and, in response, are less likely to cause interference themselves. Additionally, in applications where NEXT, FEXT and AXT are an issue, using shielded products can be the solution."

Platinum Tools' EJ-RJPRO HD modular crimp tool has been designed to terminate all EZ-RJ45 and EZ-RJ11 plugs.

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