Fixed shelves complement preterminated fiber systems

Dec. 6, 2012
The latest additions to Belden’s FiberExpress system accommodate preterminated, field-terminated and combination fiber systems.

A new line of fixed shelves, part of Belden’s FiberExpress Ultra HD product and system offering, provides simple, flexible shelves that the company says complement preterminated fiber systems in data centers and also benefit price-sensitive enterprise LAN installations.

Dwayne Crawford, product line manager with Belden, explains, “Preterminated fiber solutions have greatly simplified the requirements for traditional fiber patch panels. By eliminating field termination, complex features for protecting and managing 900/250-micron fiber—and the need to provide additional access for trunk-side terminations—can be removed. The result is a simplified and more-cost-effective approach.”

The FiberExpress Ultra HD fixed shelves feature a one-piece design that Belden characterizes as lightweight, allowing installation to be easily completed by a single installer. The shelf offers the same look and feel as the full-featured FiberExpress Ultra HD housings, allowing for mixing-and-matching to create a system that best fits a particular need, whether it is preterminated, field-terminated or half-preterminated. “The fixed shelves also feature multiple mounting depths and removable doors to ensure fit and usability even in the tightest mounting location,” Belden adds.

The 1U shelf accommodates up to 72 MPO or LC-duplex ports, while the 4U shelf accommodates up to 180 MPO or LC-duplex ports. They are available with standard or recess mounting options, and accept FX Ultra or FX Ultra HD preterminated cassettes or MPO frames.

This product bulletin from Belden contains more detailed information on the fixed shelves.

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