AFL expands fiber-optic cleaning product line

Dec. 12, 2012
Six new products, from wipes to push-types and cassettes, have been added to the Noyes brand of offerings.

AFL recently announced the expansion of its Noyes brand fiber-optic connector cleaning product line. “AFL’s broad selection of cleaning products enables engineers and technicians to choose the products that match their current and future needs, and also comply with established cleaning procedures,” the company said when announcing the new products’ availability. “These products are designed for ease-of-use in a wide variety of environments.”

The new additions are:

  • AFL CleanConnect 500, a refillable cassette-type cleaner;
  • NTT-AT NeoClean-E series refillable push-type cleaners;
  • OptiPop-C refillable card-type cleaners;
  • Fujikura One-Click D-LC, a push-type cleaner (displayed at the bottom of this screen);
  • KimWipes optical-grade cleaning wipes;
  • CleanWipes optical-grade cleaning wipes.

Kevin Haddock, product line manager for AFL’s Noyes Test and Inspection division, commented, “Whether building and installing a high-performance data communications or telecom network, or experimenting with high-power laboratory optics, properly cleaning fiber-optic connectors prevents the most common causes of performance degradation, network and component failure and downtime. By providing the widest choice of fiber-optic cleaning products in the industry, we are better serving our growing customer base.”

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