New IP phones integrate high-quality voice, video, unified communications

Adtran's expanded IP phone product line supports both premises and hosted unified communications.

Adtran (NASDAQ: ADTN) has expanded its line of IP phones for enterprises looking to leverage the business benefits of next-generation voice, video and unified communications (UC) integration.

The company's IP phone series now includes six new models that can be deployed on hosted- or premises-based communications networks. The new phone models and deployment options are designed to offer customers a broader selection of IP endpoints and more flexibility and in leveraging a powerful communications network for more efficient business processes, says the company.

“The new selection of IP phones and deployment scenarios offers our UC customers more options, features and applications, all from a single point-of-contact,” says Chris Thompson, senior product manager for Adtran’s enterprise networks division.

In a hosted environment, service providers can leverage Adtran’s gateway technology, now coupled with a broader selection of standards-based phones. Both gateways and phones are fully certified with industry-leading soft switches. In a premises-based deployment, businesses can leverage the flexibility of Adtran’s NetVanta UC solutions along with a variety of endpoints from the company to achieve more simplified installation and single vendor pre-and post-sales support.

The new IP phones offer a range of traditional and advanced enterprise-grade features, including high-resolution multi-touch displays, USB ports, Bluetooth, xHTML microbrowser and a full duplex hands-free speakerphone that utilizes Acoustic Clarity Technology for excellent sound quality and noise-free and echo-free conversation. Each new phone model also includes built-in IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) circuitry and a dual-port Ethernet switch to enable flexible deployment and savings on cabling expenses. When coupled with Adtran's ActivReach technology, the new line of phones can also be deployed over legacy, voice-grade wiring.

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Powered by Polycom, the new IP phone models include the following:

Business Media phones:

-- The Adtran VVX 600 phone is built for executives who need a powerful, intuitive, expandable office phone. Oriented toward behavior common to smartphones and tablets, the phone's gesture-based, multi-touch user interface makes navigation easy and requires minimal training. With its ergonomic design, HD voice quality and a large, high resolution color, multi-touch screen, the Executive Business Media phone VVX 600 includes an optional USB camera for high definition desktop video conferencing.

-- The Adtran VVX 500 is also based on behavior common to mobile phones, providing a multi-touch, gesture-based 320x240 color display and capacity for 24 simultaneous calls and 12 lines to make navigation and call management simple. The phone also offers advanced and personalized applications such as Microsoft Exchange calendar, contact and meeting reminder integration. Additionally, the VVX 500 supports video with an optional USB camera for video conferences and allows users to upload personalized screensavers and digital photos.

IP phones:

-- The Adtran IP 650 offers scalability and simplicity with the ability to support 24 simultaneous calls over six lines. Each IP 650 can be equipped with up to three expansion modules each with 14 additional lines. The phone’s integrated HD voice clarity and 320x160 display improves productivity of telephone attendants by enabling crystal clear voice and granular call monitoring.

-- The Adtran IP 550 incorporates HD voice technology with best-in-class system design for high-fidelity, faithful voice reproduction and life-like richness and clarity to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals and remote workers. The phone has the capability to support 24 simultaneous calls over four lines, with a 320x160 backlit display and Web-based applications that enhance productivity and ease-of-use.

-- The Adtran IP 335 utilizes HD voice technology for over twice the voice clarity of standard phones, and its 102x33 pixel GUI display also includes a backlit screen. The phone’s enhanced clarity and productivity is an ideal balance for cubicle workers’ shared environments and/or the high call frequency experienced by call center operators.

-- The Adtran IP 321 features a 102x33 pixel graphical user interface (GUI) display and has capacity for eight simultaneous calls over two lines, making call management easy for every user level and the phone an ideal solution for common areas such as lobbies, hallways and break rooms.

Adtran’s new IP phones will be available in December 2012.

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