Siemon supplying secure connectivity options for 40+Gb/s SFF-8470 data center interconnects

Low latency, 40+Gb/s SFF-8470 passive copper interconnect assemblies are now available with ruggedized thumbscrew fasteners.

Watertown, Connecticut -- Siemon announced the addition of a thumbscrew fastener option for its 40+Gb/s SFF-8470 4X passive copper cabling assemblies. The thumbscrew provides added physical security to these high-speed low-latency interconnects, eliminating the possibility of accidental disconnections in SAS storage, ruggedized and military data center applications.

Siemon's SFF-8470 assemblies offer data transfer rates from 2.5Gb/s to 10+ Gb/s per lane for support of high-speed interconnect applications such as high-performance computing (HPC), enterprise networking and network storage systems. These high-speed interconnect assemblies feature a shielded wafer construction where the signal conductors are directly attached to the connector's contacts eliminating a printed circuit board and enhancing noise resistance to maximize signal integrity.

The twin-axial shielded cable conductors are laser welded reducing crosstalk and jitter to support 10+Gb/s data rates. SFF-8470 die cast back shells and screws are interoperable with all compliant interfaces. Siemon's 8470 interconnects support a wide array of data protocols/interfaces, including SAS, InfiniBand SDR, DDR and QDR; Ethernet 10GBaseCX4, 40GBaseCR4. These cables also support FibreChannel, RapidIO, Myrinet, SATA, Aurora, VITA VXS and XAUI/XAUI-2 IO interface links as well as SONET/SDH.

Product options available include 24 to 30 wire gauges and various assembly lengths for specific applications.

"Siemon's SFF 8470 supports the second generation of the Shielded Multi-Lane SFF-8470 copper cabling standard with data rates through 10+Gb/s per lane for IO interface applications" said Ed Cady, Business Development Manager for Siemon Interconnect Solutions division. "By adding robust thumbscrew connectivity, we have created a more secure high-speed interconnect option and brought 8470 performance to more challenging environments."

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