Outside plant cable is gel-free

Hitachi Cable Manchester's Mojave product line is so named because it's as dry as a desert.

Pennwell web 120 79

The Mojave line of fiber outside plant cable from Hitachi Cable Manchester is gel-free and available with 12 to 432 strands of Corning glass optical fiber. The 250-micron optical fibers are housed within buffer tubes that use aramid yarns impregnated with super absorbent polymers (SAP) for water blocking. Outside the buffer tubes, additional SAP-impregnated yarns are used to further prohibit water migration within the cable.Pennwell web 120 79

The cable's core is protected by a polyolefin outer jacket that is moisture- and fungus-resistant. Optical fiber options include all multimode and singlemode glass types. Mojave cables are available with corrugated armor, and all cable constructions in the product line are compatible with all connectors intended for loose-tube 250-micron glass.Pennwell web 120 35

The cables are available through Hitachi Cable Manchester's network of authorized distributors.

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