Modular connectors are interchangeable with Leoni's VarioKeystone system

Using RJ45 or Tera-style connectors, the system can achieve performance levels between Cat 6 and Cat 7.

The VarioKeystone system from Leoni's infrastructure and datacom business unit allows for interchangeable modular connectors ranging from Category 6 to Category 7 (Class E through Class F).

With the VarioKeystone system, the user installs a fully shielded cable and, using a wire manager, terminates the cable to a contact block. The contact block can then accept the various connector interfaces, including RJ45 style and 4K7 (Tera) style interfaces.

Download the pictorially illustrated installation instruction for the VarioKeystone system from Leoni.

Thomas Opfermann, product manager for copper systems with Leoni, says, "A cabling system allowing upgrades and migrations to be performed in a short time without costly reinstallation is becoming more and more important." Of the system's particulars, he explains, "An unlocking tool allows the jack modules to be separated from the cable plug quickly and effortlessly, via leverage, and replaced." The company says this attribute is particularly valuable in data centers, where upgrades can be made with little or no downtime.

The entire product line also includes a link extender that allows existing systems to extend up to 90 meters, as well as ready-made trunks, modular patch panels, wall outlets, floorboxes and consolidation-point housings.

Watch a video of the VarioKeystone concept.

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