28-AWG Category 6A S/FTP patch cords are 5.5mm in diameter

The SkinnyPatch 6A patch cords improve pathway fill and airflow, and increase flexibility in high-density environments, Siemon says.

SkinnyPatch 6A S/FTP Modular Patch Cords from Siemon feature 28-AWG conductors. They are 0.22 inches (5.5 mm) in diameter.
SkinnyPatch 6A S/FTP Modular Patch Cords from Siemon feature 28-AWG conductors. They are 0.22 inches (5.5 mm) in diameter.

Siemon recently added SkinnyPatch 6A S/FTP Modular Patch Cords to its portfolio of cable, connectivity, and infrastructure-support products. The cords “deliver superior Category 6A shielded performance with a reduced diameter for improved pathway fill, airflow and increased flexibility in high-density data center environments,” the company said when it announced the cords’ availability.

The SkinnyPatch 6A S/FTP cords have 28-AWG stranded copper conductors, which enable a cable diameter of 5.5 millimeters, which is 0.22 inches. Siemon explained, “SkinnyPatch 6A S/FTP Modular Patch Cords offer a significantly tighter bend radius for easier cable routing and enhanced cable management to facilitate moves, adds, and changes in tight spaces. The overall small diameter provides pathway savings in racks and cabinets while maximizing airflow for improved equipment reliability. At the same time, the S/FTP shielded construction of these cords delivers superior transmission and enhanced alien crosstalk performance over UTP cords, making them ideal for high-density patching areas in 10-Gigabit Ethernet switch-to-server applications.”

Susan Cocco, product manager for Siemon, added, “The use of 28-AWG patch cords has grown significantly in popularity due to concerns surrounding airflow in today’s data centers and telecommunications spaces where high-density patching areas are commonplace. Our new SkinnyPatch 6A Shielded Modular Patch Cords provide the exceptional shielded cable performance that our customers have come to expect from Siemon, while offering them a smaller diameter to improve airflow, accessibility, routing and space savings in these tighter spaces.”

The company added that the patch cords exceed ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 and ISO/IEC 11801:2002 performance standards, as confirmed by Intertek. The SkinnyPatch 6A plug technology features Siemon’s patented cross pair isolation and 360-degree crimp.

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