Huawei intros indoor/outdoor ONT as part of intelligent fiber management concept

Electronic identification technology embedded in the fiber connector automatically identifies and manages fiber connections and optical splitters.

As reported by Lightwave's Stephen Hardy, Huawei unveiled its HG8240 Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and its Intelligent Optical Distribution Network (iODN) concept at the recent FTTH Conference in Orlando.

According to Huawei, the HG8240 ONT is designed for use indoors, “just indoors,” and outdoors. The unit offers two POTS and four Gigabit Ethernet ports; a system-on-a-chip enables wire-speed Gigabit Ethernet performance. The fact that is can be used for multiple applications minimizes inventory costs increases installation service provisioning efficiency, Huawei asserts. Its power management function enables energy efficiency, the company adds.

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Meanwhile, the iODN brings intelligence to the fiber management system while maintaining the passive nature of the ODN network, Huawei says. It leverages eIDs -- electronic identification technology embedded in the fiber connector -- to automatically identify and manage fiber connections, intelligently determine fiber connection operations, and accurately manage optical splitters, the company asserts. Operators can use the iODN capability to automatically search for a target optical fiber and appropriately operate it, thus improving FTTH roll outs and network troubleshooting.

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