Mini LC fiber assemblies are made to order

Available from Leviton, the assemblies are designed for Brocade's FC8-64 high-density 64-port Fibre Channel blade.

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Leviton has added the Mini LC connector to the company's make-to-order (MTO) program. The new connectors can be configured with any Leviton patch cord, trunk or harness and are designed to work with Brocade's FC8-64 high-density 64-port Fibre Channel blade.

The MTO program lets customers custom-configure fiber-cable assemblies as well as fiber enclosures, MTP modules, copper trunks and rack power distribution units, to their individual specifications. Cable-assembly configuration options include fiber type and count, cable type and length first and second end termination type, breakout length and alignment, polarity and pulling eye.

The mini LC connectors now available through Leviton MTO are compatible with the small-footprint mini SFP (mSFP) ports developed by Brocade and its partners to enable high-density port configurations that minimize physical footprint. The assemblies allow connection between two FC8-64 blade ports, betwen one FC8-64 and other active equipment or patch panels, or between an MPO/MTP module and multiple mSFP ports.

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