IFP Introduces 1RU Fiber Switch, Rack-Mount PDU

May 30, 2024
The fiber switch includes 8 singlemode ports along with 2 RJ45s, while the PDU supports 16 pairs of 18-2.

Integrated Fiber Platform (IFP) recently added two rack-mount products to its network infrastructure portfolio. The two newest products—a fiber switch and a power distribution unit (PDU)—enable rack-mounting and power distribution for 16 transceivers. The IFP 8-Port Fiber Optic Switch is 1RU in height; their rack-mount capability allows for frontside connections. One side of the switch provides 8 SC-style singlemode fiber ports for runs to IFP fiber transceivers, while the other side provides two RJ45 ports for incoming service as well as a link for additional switches.

The rack-mount PDU supports 16 pairs of 18-2 wire for 12VDC power to IFP fiber transceivers in a 1RU space component, which the company points out saves both time and rack space. The PDU includes a removable 120V IEC_type power cord. LEDs display the voltage being delivered to each transceiver, for convenient system monitoring, IFP pointed out. The company’s transceivers are available as single-gang 4-port, 1-port, and PoE+ in-line modules. The transceivers can be located up to 1000 feet from the fiber switch and PDU.

“As requested by our dealers, IFP continues to innovate solutions for integrators that make it easy for them to design and install fiber network infrastructure instead of maxed-out category cable. Our rack-mount designs for the headend fiber switch and power distribution give integrators robust, centrally located products for convenient cable management and servicing,” said Eric Crawford, IFP’s founder and president.

“We want to save integrators time and give them a network infrastructure solution that will service their clients robustly for years to come,” he continued, emphasizing the company’s belief that integrators should prewire network infrastructure with fiber rather than category cable, thereby supporting maximum network speed and eliminating the need for future infrastructure cabling upgrades.

IFP Connect offers an online store for registered dealers, which provides support and purchasing incentives.